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How much is my car worth?

If you are wondering what the value of your car is then let Free Car Valuations help you. Simply by entering your vehicle registration number, mileage and an email address into the form above will instantly display your valuation on screen, we will also email a valuation to you for your records.

Unlike some companies our valuations are not worthless pieces of information, we use our sister company to provide the valuations. They use their years of experience and the latest industry guides to give you a valid car valuation. If you are thinking of selling your car then by providing a little bit more information to Car Arena, such as service history and vehicle condition then they will make you a cash offer to buy your car hassle free.

The free car valuations are exactly that, there's no hassle or pressure to sell, we're more than happy if you are only using our service to find out how much a car may be worth you are buying.

The Free Car Valuations service really is simple, safe, secure and hassle free from start to finish. Whether you are wondering "what is my car worth?" or "who can I sell my car too?" we will deal with you in the most professional and friendly way and ensure that you are given the best possible service.

Can we buy any car?

Via our sister company Car Arena, we can buy any make or model of car any age. At the moment we have a high demand for cars under 7 years old with less than 80,000 miles, this means we will make extremely competitive offers for you to sell your car to us if it fits this criteria. Car Arena are still in the market for older, higher mileage cars so don't be disheartened ask us to make you a genuine offer to buy your car and you may be pleasantly surprised at the offer we can make for you to sell your car to us.

You have nothing to lose, find out what your car is worth now and then choose whether or not you would like to sell the car by getting a guaranteed offer from Car Arena to buy your car.
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How do you value my car?

Here at Free Car Valuations have tapped into the resources and expertise of our sister company to be able to provide you with a free car valuation. The employees of Car Arena have years of experience in buying and selling cars and knowing what they are worth within the motor trade at the current time. We also use the standard industry guides that asses car values each and every month. These guides known as CAP & Glass' are used by pretty much every reputable dealer and car buyer in the country, whether they are deciding how much they can retail a car for to deciding what the value of your car is to part exchange, to what a cars value may be to sell at a car auction. All these factors are considered when you ask us to value your car.

What else can affect the value of my Car?

As well as what is happening in the car industry with regards to the value of your car, other factors that heavily effect what your car is worth include:-

  • Service History - If this is full, up to date and by a main franchise dealer than it is fair to assume the value of your car will be higher than a car with only partial service history.
  • Wheels/Tyres - If the wheels are in good condition (not kerbed) and there is at least 4mm tread on your tyres than these will allow us to value your car for more.
  • Number of previous owners - If your car is only 5 years old and has had 10 owners then you can say with certainty the value of your car would be higher had it only had 2 or 3 owners.
  • Mileage - One of the biggest determining factors in we consider when you say "value my car" is how many miles it has done. Whilst lower mileage makes your car easier to sell it doesn't necessarily mean your car is worth substantially more, however a car with higher than the 12,000 miles a year average would see its value reduced, sometimes substantially.
  • Body Work Condition - It really should go without saying, if your cars bodywork is in excellent condition the value of your car will be much higher than one with dents and scratches. It is worth bearing in mind one door panel on a car could cost at least £200 to paint.

How do we provide this free car valuation service?

Every car we value does cost us money, we have to pay for each search on a vehicle that is why every now and again you may hit a limit if you are trying to value multiple cars in any 24 hour period. This level is set high enough to allow genuine users who are researching their next car purchase, it does however prevent the spambots and unscrupulous car dealers that would try and abuse our free car valuation service for their own personal gain.

We know that many people who are looking for a value of a car are either thinking about buying it or, it is their own car that they are considering selling. Once you have received your car valuation you can either leave the site (we don't want you to do this); you can leave us a testimonial on how easy you thought our service was (we'd love you to do this as well); you can carry out a car history check on the car you are considering buying (you really should do this at the very least) or if you are thinking about selling your car, we would really love you to ask Car Arena to make you an offer.

At no point in this car valuation process are you under any obligations to sell your car, but rest assured if you are pleased with the valuation provided and agree to sell your car to Car Arena the sale process is handled with the utmost security and efficiency. Car Arena buy hundreds of cars each month from across the UK. They arrange to come to you to collect the car at a convenient time, you are then paid in full on collection. Their collection drivers wait with you until you can confirm the cleared funds are in your bank account. Even better news, there are no hidden fees or admin charges that are deducted later. The offer Car Arena agree with you is the amount they will pay into your account on collection...What have you go to lose just finding out how much you car is worth?