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The Beckhams & Cars

They are more used to decorating the covers of trashy American tabloid magazines, but it’s hard to keep those damned Beckhams off motoring sites and blogs these days too!

VB Designed Land Rover Evoque

The Victoria Beckham Designed Land Rover Evoque

First we had the news that Jaguar Land Rover’s seemingly bizarre decision to utilise Victoria Beckham as an interior designer on the Range Rover Evoque had actually paid dividends, with confirmation received last week that the company were taking on an extra 1,000 staff at its Halewood plant in Merseyside to meet increased demand!

Then, the Beckhams garnered yet more motoring column inches when unnamed ‘sources’ were quoted as saying that Victoria had kiboshed David’s plan to bid for the famed, yellow door from the iconic Robin Reliant van used in comedy classic, Only Fools And Horses, when it comes up for auction later in the month. Reasons given for her opposition ranged from “she’s not keen on having a bright yellow car door knocking about” to “it sends out the wrong message in the current financial climate”. Please…

Probably of more interest to motoring enthusiasts is the news that La Galaxy star David is reportedly selling his UK collection of prestige cars.

The Sun newspaper reports that, as the family put down firmer roots in the US in the wake of Beckham’s new two-year-deal in Los Angeles, he has decided that his £500,000 fleet of top-of-the-range motors are surplus to requirements.

As well as three Harley-Davidson motorbikes, Beckham’s lavish UK forecourt also includes a £175,000 Lamborghini Gallardo, two bespoke Bentley’s, a BMW 645 and a Range Rover Sport. Only last year, he managed to flog a Porsche Carerra for £136,000 on ebay.

Not bad I suppose for a gas-fitter’s son from Leytonstone who, to paraphrase the late George Best, “cannot kick with his left foot, cannot head a ball, cannot tackle, is slow, and doesn’t score many goals.”

Author: Paul Wilkinson

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