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Back-seat driver damage revealed

An interesting new survey from insurers has revealed that exactly two thirds (66%) of British motorists have been victims of unwanted attention from ‘back seat drivers’.

And, what’s more, these ‘distractions’ have indirectly led to accidents for almost a quarter of all drivers surveyed, meaning they have to fork out up to £500 to repair the resultant damage during their driving life.

Back Seat Drivers

Back Seat Drivers

The research also points the finger at bus drivers, train drivers and delivery men as the worst culprits for back-seat driving, with teachers classified as the most patient of passengers.

When it comes to family life, most respondents confess that they would rather journey with colleagues than loved ones. This is because partners are the worst backseat drivers, with husbands and boyfriends disrupting the driver most often and 45% of them voicing their traffic-tips several times during the shortest of journeys.

The survey also found that the most-commonly heard comments from passengers are “Watch the cyclist”, “Watch the parked lorry” and “Aren’t you going too fast?”

The survey also found that back-seat driving complied with popular stereotypes, with women and the elderly being the most likely to suffer from bad etiquette. Over two thirds of women (68%), and a staggering 70% of drivers over the age of 55 find themselves on the receiving end. Especially patronising are comments about the speed of the car (24%) or their proximity to other cars (25%).

Regards popular backseat gestures, the most commonly used was increased grip-tightening on the door handle and not-so-subtle glances at the speedometer. head of car insurance Gareth Kloet said: “As motoring costs continue to rise at a meteoric rate, it’s never been more important for drivers to keep their costs as low as possible.

“Our research shows that having other people in the car can distract us from the road, and lead to accidents which in turn increases the cost of our car insurance policies.”

Author: Paul Wilkinson

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