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Manager murdered in Indian Suzuki riots

India’s largest carmaker has been hit by a devastating riot which caused the death of a Human Resources manager, and left of many other managers hospitalised.

The indiscriminate violence at the Maruti Suzuki plant near New Delhi has seen all 3000 of the factory’s union workers charged with murder for the mob attack that caused the death of Awanish Kumar Dev, and resulted in at least 70 injuries.

Maruti Suzuki

Aftermath of Suzuki riots in India

Stories differ on the cause of the riot. The union says a worker was abused on the grounds of being from a lower caste (a similar charge to racism in the UK), and that management would not listen to his complaint. The management claim the violence was pre-meditated by people looking for a ‘flashpoint’.

An official investigation is now taking place into what caused the riot at the Manesar factory amid concerns for India’s investment reputation, with this being the fourth production stoppage at the plant in the last year alone.

A spokesman for the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, one of the nation’s two largest business lobbies, said: “It’s a matter of deep concern for a country that seeks to project itself as offering an environment that is business-friendly,” whilst calling for authorities to deal “firmly” with the situation.

The lockout comes amid a slowdown in car sales in India as high fuel prices and interest rates deter buyers.

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