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New research by online company has found that frustrated British motorists are radically changing their driving habits.

High fuel costs, escalating insurance premiums, badly maintained roads and continuous road works were cited as reasons why more drivers than ever were leaving their vehicles at home.

As anticipated, the chief complaint was soaring fuel costs. No fewer than nine out of 10 polled cited high petrol prices as their main complaint. A further 71% were put off by the vast numbers of potholes and incessant road works plaguing local roads.

Overall, the survey found that 75% of drivers were frustrated by the rising costs of owning a car, with 40% cutting back on time spent on the road. Of them, 20% were using public transport, 32% were walking more, while 5% were now cycling as an alternative (though that figure is expected to increase after the Olympics).

Equally as alarming, 71% of those polled believe that government policies are not on their side, despite the fact that a 3p-a-litre rise in fuel duty originally planned for August, will now be deferred until next January.

Phill Jones,’s commercial director, said: “Not only are drivers tired of the cost of driving, they’re exhausted by the state of the roads, maintenance of which has badly fallen by the wayside.

“The number of consumers cutting back on driving is frankly alarming, and it is imperative that both the government and the local councils do all they can to get Britain back on the roads.”

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