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Drivers urged to switch off engines when idling

If drivers switched off their engines when idling for one minute on every journey, this would collectively save the country hundreds of million pounds. That is according to new research from the Energy Savings Trust who claim that London drivers alone are wasting £60 million per year in fuel by idling when in stationary traffic.

To counter this perceived problem, some London boroughs are now imposing £80 fines if drivers spend a long time unloading their vehicles with the engine running.

Tim Anderson, senior knowledge manager at the Energy Saving Trust said: “Turning off engines when it is anticipated that you will be stationary for more than a minute creates a number of benefits by reducing pollution and, by using less fuel, it also saves money.

“This small, individual step can collectively make a significant difference and help improve life for everyone in London. Research shows that turning off an engine and restarting it after a minute uses less fuel and causes less pollution than leaving it running.”

People tend to forget that leaving the engine running unnecessarily is actually an offence, a fact not lost on Anderson. He added: “The Highway Code states that drivers should not leave their engines running unnecessarily while stationary on a public road. This means that you may not be complying with the law if you keep your engine running when at a standstill.”

Discouraging idling is part of the advice offered to business through the Energy Saving Trust’s Smarter Driving campaign, which helps people drive more efficiently and can significantly cut fuel bills. A driver who covers 12,000 miles a year could save £250 on fuel by implementing the techniques.

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