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Motorists getting more fuel than they bargained for?

Any respite from soaring fuel prices is welcome, and it appears that many of Britain’s motorists have been getting just that without knowing!

According to the AA, motorists using faulty petrol pumps have been getting as much as 4.4% more fuel than they have paid for.

The figures have come from an ‘AA dip check’ of petrol stations, as the industry prepares to upgrade pumps in order to meet new EU regulations by 2016.

Naturally, petrol retailers have been quick to express concern after some pumps have been found to yield up to 4.4% more petrol than shown on the dial. This mistake equates to giving drivers a ‘freebie’ of 6p per litre.

Although only a small selection of petrol stations have been tested, Trading Standards have reported inaccuracies at pumps in Cumbria, Derby, and Newport, suggesting that stations around the country are encountering similar problems.

Edmund King, President of the AA commented: “Following concern from members, the AA carried out preliminary tests at a handful of fuel stations to see if there were grounds for a more comprehensive survey. Not only did all the pumps dispense at least the right amount, but most gave even more,”

“Trading Standards warn that some drivers compare the fuel volume showing at the pump with what they can read off their in-car instruments, although the latter are designed purely as a guide. Consequently, there is an irony that some drivers who complain may be acting against their own interests.”


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