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Buyers Remorse

We’ve probably all experienced the phenomenon of ‘buyers remorse’ at some point in our lives. You know, that post-purchase feeling of…‘did I really need that new car?…should I have paid THAT much?’

Well, spare a thought for the anonymous internet bidder who, less than three months ago, paid £40,000 over the ‘guide price’ for a Rolls Royce previously owned by…wait for it…Sir Jimmy Savile. Ouch!

A celebrity owner can do wonders to the value of a car. Be it a Fiat Punto or an Aston Martin, a vehicle previously owned by an upwardly-mobile celebrity tends to soar in value. But, it can work both ways when a ‘celebrity’ is now longer deemed…ahem…desirable.

Jimmy Savile's Rolls Royce


The Rolls-Royce, which Savile curiously called “The Beast” came with his personalised JS 247 plate, and became the highest priced single item at a marathon charity auction of his personal belongings in Leeds in July when it was snapped up for £130,000 by an internet bidder.

The bespoke silver 2002 Corniche is number 46 of the 56 so-called ‘Last of Line’ models produced by Rolls-Royce to mark the end of 56 years of production at its famous Crewe plant.

With less than 5000 miles on the clock, it certainly was – and still is – a desirable motor in its own right. But, given the savage public dismantling of Savile’s reputation in recent weeks, it is no longer worth anything like the purchase price!

Another vehicle, Savile’s distinctive, three-wheel, yellow bubble car, changed hands for £22,000. The successful bidder, business woman Angela Swift, bought it with the intention of making it the centrepiece of her new home in Barnsley. Again, ouch! Oh well, at least the money went to charity!

Interestingly, a rare ‘live-in’ 1978 Range Rover previously owned by Savile came up for auction in a blaze of publicity back in February, but surprisingly failed to reach its £38,000 guide price.

The very same motor – this time without any mention of previous owners – recently re-entered the marketplace with an asking price of just £12,995.

How’s about that then?

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