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Car Maintenance – Can you do it?

Recent research from motor insurers Britannia has unearthed some pretty shocking results.

The survey – which looked into motorists ability to carry out basic car maintenance – found that a staggering 10% of drivers couldn’t even open their car’s bonnet!

Even the vast majority of those able to open a bonnet had no idea of basic car maintenance, with almost three-quarters of the 1500 adults surveyed admitting that they struggled with basic tasks like refilling windscreen washer fluid and checking oil levels.

Car Maintenance

DIY Car Maintenance

The research also found that the majority of drivers don’t carry devices like tyre inflators or battery chargers in the car with them – measures that could get them up and running again after a breakdown.

Given that evidence suggest that as many as one in seven breakdowns could be prevented through basic maintenance, Britannia Rescue’s managing director, Peter Horton, has reiterated the need for drivers to be proactive when it comes to maintaining their vehicles.

“Regular car maintenance is crucial, whether your car is old or new.” he said. “Looking after your car will determine the length of time that it remains in good condition and will stop you having to pay expensive repair costs. Checking your car’s oil level is one of the most important things you can do to extend the life of your car’s engine – so don’t wait for a warning light or indicator to come on.”

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