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Recent research from motor insurers Britannia has unearthed some pretty shocking results

The survey – which looked into motorists ability to carry out basic car maintenance – found that a staggering 10% of drivers couldn’t even open their car’s bonnet!

Even the vast majority of those able to open a bonnet had no idea of basic car maintenance, with almost three-quarters of the 1500 adults surveyed admitting that they struggled with basic tasks like refilling windscreen washer fluid and checking oil levels.

The research also found that the majority of drivers don’t carry devices like tyre inflators or battery chargers in the car with them – measures that could get them up and running again after a breakdown.

Given that evidence suggest that as many as one in seven breakdowns could be prevented through basic maintenance, Britannia Rescue’s managing director, Peter Horton, has reiterated the need for drivers to be proactive when it comes to maintaining their vehicles.

“Regular car maintenance is crucial, whether your car is old or new.” he said. “Looking after your car will determine the length of time that it remains in good condition and will stop you having to pay expensive repair costs. Checking your car’s oil level is one of the most important things you can do to extend the life of your car’s engine – so don’t wait for a warning light or indicator to come on.”

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Buyers Remorse

We’ve probably all experienced the phenomenon of ‘buyers remorse’ at some point in our lives. You know, that post-purchase feeling of…‘did I really need that new car?…should I have paid THAT much?’

Well, spare a thought for the anonymous internet bidder who, less than three months ago, paid £40,000 over the ‘guide price’ for a Rolls Royce previously owned by…wait for it…Sir Jimmy Savile. Ouch! (Read More)

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Fiat to offer revolutionary ‘coffee experience’ in new model

Struggling Italian car giant, Fiat, appears to have hit on a novel ‘headline-grabber’ as it prepares to launch it’s new 500L – the MPV vehicle it hopes will revive its European fortunes.

How about this? The car will come with the option of a ‘coffee experience kit’ which consists of a set of coffee cups, a spoon/ sugar holder and – wait for it – your own in-built expresso machine! (Read More)

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Motorists warned to expect insurance premium hike

If vehicle insurance wasn’t high enough already, motorists have been warned to brace themselves for another hefty hike in premiums.

The warning comes after a new report uncovered a shocking 18 per cent rise in personal injury claims, despite the fact that the number of accidents dropped by 11 per cent! (Read More)

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Back-seat driver damage revealed

An interesting new survey from insurers has revealed that exactly two thirds (66%) of British motorists have been victims of unwanted attention from ‘back seat drivers’.

And, what’s more, these ‘distractions’ have indirectly led to accidents for almost a quarter of all drivers surveyed, meaning they have to fork out up to £500 to repair the resultant damage during their driving life. (Read More)

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Flashing a Warning!

The thorny issue of the right of an individual to warn other drivers of ‘speed traps’ has taken another twist after a court case in the United States.

Bright Car Lights

Flashing a warning could get you in trouble!

Ryan Kintner was pulled over and cited by Florida police last year for “improper flashing of lights” after alerting other drivers by an officer in an unmarked patrol car. However, an appeal court judge in Florida has ruled that flashing your headlights is a protected form of free speech. (Read More)

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Government U-turn on driver eyesight tests

Following apparent U-turns on the ‘pasty tax’ and VAT on static caravans, the Government has now scrapped plans to make driver eyesight tests easier for the majority of motorists.

Controversial proposals were on the table to reduce the distance required to read a number plate to 17.5 metres, but after a series of consultations, it is to stay at 20 metres. (Read More)

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Used car values hit new high

New data released by British Car Auctions (BCA) show that used car values are improving.

Figures released in BCA’s Quarterly ‘Pulse Report’ have revealed that the average value of a used car in the first quarter of 2012 was £6,114 – the highest first quarter figure recorded since Pulse began reporting in 2005. (Read More)

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Can Britain’s motorways can cope with speed limit rise?

M25 Motorway

Could Motorways Cope at 80MPH

As the government prepares to launch a consultation on proposals to raise the motorway speed limit from 70 to 80mph later in the year, the Road Safety Foundation (RSF) have claimed Britain’s motorway network is “unsuitable” for the rise! (Read More)

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Ford Focus sales hit a new landmark

Ford has reached a phenomenal new landmark with sales of its ever-popular family hatchback, the Focus.

1998 Ford Focus

1,500,000 cars later

The American giants recently revealed it had reached 1.5 million sales of the model in the UK, with Essex cricketer Jaik Mickleburgh the lucky recipient of the landmark model, no doubt as part of the company’s ongoing sponsorship of Essex cricket. (Read More)

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