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Car History Checks – Why are they Important?

To some, especially those who have carried out a Car History Check, this will seem like a ridiculous question.

Would you buy a house without purchasing a survey….my guess is 99% of people wouldn’t dream of buying a house without paying a few hundred pounds for a survey to check their new house wasn’t going to fall down. Those that don’t carry our a survey are quite frankly fools!

The same applies to buying a used car. Often the only thing you will buy in your lifetime more expensive than a car is your house, yet very little consideration is given to the background of a car. You may be spending five, ten or even twenty thousand pounds on a second hand car. Don’t you think it is worth spending an extra £10 to check you’re not quite literally throwing your hard earned cash away.

People who are selling a car are only legally obliged to tell you if the car has been an insurance write off if they are aware of it, but that is difficult to prove. If you ask the question has the car been involved in an accident many sellers will reply “not to my knowledge” their get out of jail free card.

Don’t take a chance, with your money. Make sure you carry out a car history check on any car you are thinking of purchasing. HPI are the leading provider of Car History checks and we can’t stress highly enough the importance of protecting yourself against unscrupulous sales people

A useful, free tool is an MOT check provided by the government. Here you can enter the V5 (log book) Document Reference Number and the vehicle registration number to check all the previous recorded MOT's. This may help you identify any mileage discrepancies.  Government MOT Information.


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Check my Car

If you are considering buying a car then unless it is brand new you should consider carrying out a Car History Check.

With less disposable income people are taking more drastic measures to keep their car on the road or sometimes taking unnecessary risks when purchasing their next car. Don’t fall in to the same trap.

The Car History Check Free Car Valuations can provide costs less than a gallon of petrol yet can help save you from making a mistake that could quite literally cost you thousands.

The Free Car Valuation Car History Check looks into the background of your car and notifies you if:

  • Your car has been involved in an accident and deemed to expensive too repair by the insurance company, commonly known as a CAT D write off. These cars are often sold by the insurance companies then repaired and put back on the road by people looking to make a quick profit.
  • Your car on the Police Stolen Register
  • Your car has ever been stolen & recovered
  • Your car ever been scrapped by the DVLA
  • Has been Subject to Plate Transfers
  • Has ever had a change of colour
  • Make and Model
  • Number of Former Keepers
  • VIN (Chassis Number) Check
  • Engine Number and Size
  • Exported
  • Date First Registered
  • Year Manufactured
  • Colour
  • Fuel

Make sure your next has the history you think it has, complete a Car History Check today and buy your next car with confidence.

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