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How much is my car really worth?

Whilst you own your car you really should be aware of how much it is worth, you need this information when you are insuring the car, in the event of an accident, when buying a car and when selling a car.

Just because you tell an insurance company you car is worth £10,000 it doesn’t mean this is what they will pay you if the car has to be declared an insurance write off. Insurance companies will look at the value of cars and then make you an offer. They are supposed to offer you the retail value of your car, that’s how much it would cost you to replace the car like for like (make, model, condition and mileage). In many instances the insurers are now offering closer to trade valuations. That is what a dealer would be able to buy your car for, before they add their costs and profit margin.

By checking what your cars trade value is on Free Car Valuations you will be able to make a judgement on whether or not the insurance companies have made you a reasonable offer or not.

Instant Free Car Valuations

Car Value and Additional Information Provided Free

Finding out a cars trade value is also useful when you are negotiating a part exchange valuation when buying your new car. It is also valuable information to have when you are buying a new car from a car dealer. It may give you an indication perhaps as to how much they have paid for the car and how much profit they will have in it. Of course they have to factor in the costs of their advertising, car preparation, servicing, any repairs and warranties so don’t assume the difference between a trade valuation and retail price is total profit. You will be surprised how little net profit there is in some deals.

Also finding out what your car is worth in the trade will help you figure out what you should ask for it if you were to try and sell it privately. A rough guide to private selling prices should be somewhere between the retail and trade value.

Our trade values will provide a guide as to how much you would get for your car in either part exchange or by selling it to a cash for car company such as ourselves. Obviously these are only guide valuations and the price of your car could be worth more or less depending on a number of factors such as:-

  • Mileage
  • Service History – (full main dealer, independent garages, part history or no history)
  • Condition – (bumper scuffs, kerbed alloys, car park dents, scratches and accident damage)
  • Number of Owners
  • Colour
  • Specification – (extras such as sat nav and leather help increase the value of your car)


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Car History Checks – Why are they Important?

To some, especially those who have carried out a Car History Check, this will seem like a ridiculous question.

Would you buy a house without purchasing a survey….my guess is 99% of people wouldn’t dream of buying a house without paying a few hundred pounds for a survey to check their new house wasn’t going to fall down. Those that don’t carry our a survey are quite frankly fools!

The same applies to buying a used car. Often the only thing you will buy in your lifetime more expensive than a car is your house, yet very little consideration is given to the background of a car. You may be spending five, ten or even twenty thousand pounds on a second hand car. Don’t you think it is worth spending an extra £10 to check you’re not quite literally throwing your hard earned cash away.

People who are selling a car are only legally obliged to tell you if the car has been an insurance write off if they are aware of it, but that is difficult to prove. If you ask the question has the car been involved in an accident many sellers will reply “not to my knowledge” their get out of jail free card.

Don’t take a chance, with your money. Make sure you carry out a car history check on any car you are thinking of purchasing. HPI are the leading provider of Car History checks and we can’t stress highly enough the importance of protecting yourself against unscrupulous sales people

A useful, free tool is an MOT check provided by the government. Here you can enter the V5 (log book) Document Reference Number and the vehicle registration number to check all the previous recorded MOT's. This may help you identify any mileage discrepancies.  Government MOT Information.


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Car Value Calculators

What a minefield!!! How do Car Value Calculators work???

Valuing a car in today’s market is a difficult task, there are so many factors to be considered and getting it wrong could cost you thousands.

If I wanted to value a car today I would have to make sure I check a number of different factors before I could even attempt to give a car valuation. Giving a car valuation  is one thing, but providing a car valuation that you then may be asked to back up with a firm offer to buy the car is another matter.

There are many websites and providers that will give you a value for your car, but it is relatively easy to value a car if you don’t have to worry about buying the car and then second guess what the market is going to do when you yourself have to sell the car on for profit!

Car Value Calculators

Car Value Calculators

Car values change each month when the new industry guides are released. Normally these are at the end of each month. During the last week of the month you have to consider what may happen to the price of cars in the next guide that is due to be released as any car you buy in the last week would be subject to any reduction in value in the new guide.

The most common guides used in the trade are not Parkers or Whatcar but Glasses’ and CAP (Car Auction Prices). Both these guides follow the market closely and usually set the price for what cars are worth.

I use both these guides to asses a cars true worth within the trade, but they then I also know those cars that are “below book” (meaning they are not worth what the guides say) or those that are “into book” (meaning they are worth more than what the guides say).

Car Value Calculators normally work on just one of the guide prices, perhaps adjust it a bit for the mileage and then give you an approximate figure.

Free Car Valuations Car Value Calculator works in a similar way, but it is monitored to make sure it is as accurate as an automated car value calculator can be.  Anyone saying I want to sell my car after receiving our initial value can then ask us to provide a fixed offer to buy their car. This is done manually based on the extra information we request and taking into consideration the guide prices and current market conditions.

Remember your car is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. Just because you may have seen one advertised at a higher price, it doesn’t mean that car is actually worth that. Many dealers have over aged, over priced stock at the moment that they simply can’t afford to sell for less as it would show as a loss on their books, they’d rather have it showing as a stock value!



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Ways to sell your car

Selling your car in the current economic climate could prove to be difficult, especially if you are hoping to sell it privately. Many people simply do not have the cash readily available to go out and buy a new car. Bank loans are harder to get approved and car finance is only available from car dealerships.

Many people who are selling their car don’t want to part exchange, they want to sell their car and negotiate with cash either as a deposit or to buy a car outright.

Free Can Valuations can help you if you are looking to sell your car.

We will value your car, make you an offer for your car, collect it and pay for it before we take it away, it really is as simple as that.

Selling your car online is secure and hassle free, you are paid by direct bank transfer and our drivers stay with you until you confirm the funds are showing in your account.

Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself on our testimonials page what our customers thought.

“I wanted to sell my car and couldn’t really be bothered advertising it in the local paper, dealing with the test drives or more worryingly not dealing with any test drives having paid a smal fortune to advertise it. A friend told me to search online for companies buying cars. The did warn me to be carefull as some pay you a few days after they have your car some even say they will only pay you once they have sold your car on. I didn’t want that sort of sale. After trying a couple of other website I found Free Car Valuations. It was also so easy..almost too good to be true. The site valued my car instantly, the valuations was around what I was expecting, comparable with what I had been told I would get if I was part exchanging. I clicked the yes button to get an offer, this arrived within minutes by email. It was at the low end of the valuations (like you may expect) but I called them up and managed to negotiate a better deal. Max assured me they wouldn’t try and reduce their offer to buy my car on collection. The next day a collection driver turned up in the morning, had a quick look over the car. He called Free Car Valuations (Max I presumed) told him about the scuffed alloys, this didn’t worry me as I had already mentioned those to Max. Max confirmed everything was as agreed and the money showed in my account about 25 minutes later at which point the driver left with my car. I can honestly say I was really impressed and a little surprised at how easy it was to sell my car. I had heard the stories about companies reducing offers at the last minute but I’m pleased to say it wasn’t even mentioned. Thank you Max and Free Car for making it so easy – T P – Exeter.”

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Car Buyers

Free Car Valuations are one of the UK’s top Car Buyers. We will make you a guaranteed offer and pay you before we take your car. No catches.

From our initial, instant free valuation where we provide a guide price as to what you car is worth within the motor trade, you can request that we send you a guaranteed offer to buy your car.

The process of selling your car to us is very simple and more importantly completely risk & hassle free. If you think the initial valuation is around about what you would like to sell your car for then, ask us to make you a guaranteed offer for your car. Once you have asked for the guaranteed offer we will be in touch to confirm the vehicle’s details, service history and condition and then give you our guaranteed offer.

If you are happy with the offer we make to you and you accept it, we then arrange a convenient time to come to you and collect your car. We use an independant collection company, who are not there to start renegotiating with you, they don’t even know what we have paid you for your car.

Once the collection driver has seen the necessary paper work and had a brief look around the car, we will pay the agreed amount directly into your bank account. This will show in your account within 10 to 15 minutes, once you are happy it is there you can let the driver leave with your car.

If there is finance outstanding on your car will settle this in full on your behalf and pay any balance left over to you. If there is a shortfall you can pay this to us by debit or credit card.

This service is completely free, we do not have any hidden charges such as administration fees, Road Tax contribution fees or even a collection fee. Our final offer is exactly what you will be paid on completion. You really have nothing to lose trying Free Car Valuations.

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Sell the Car

Sell the Car Quickly, hassle free and risk free to Free Car Valuations. Guaranteed Offers and you are paid before we take your car.

It is still a 10 second process to get your online valuation. If for any reason our system can’t automatically give you a valuation, then complete our contact us enquiry form with your cars details and we’ll be in touch with a trade value for your car.

Once you have your valuation, you can click the sell my car now button and we will be in touch with a guaranteed offer to buy your car. We agree everything over the phone, we don’t add extra costs, or reduce the price when we come to collect your car. Providing you have been honest in the description of your car, the cash will be in your bank account before we take your car away.

It really is as simple as that!!

If the valuation you requested was for a car you were thinking of buying then it is worth purchasing one of our vehicle checks, from only £4.95 the extra peace of mind it provides is worth it to know you ‘re not buying a car that is on the insurance accident register or on the police stolen register.

Free Car Valuations is currently providing over 2000 vehicle valuations a day, if you’re thinking “what is my car worth” or “I want to sell the car” then use of Value my car service and if the figure we provide looks reasonable to you, click the sell my car button and we will be in touch with our guaranteed offer.

You really do have nothing to lose getting a Car Valuation from us!

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