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Car Value Calculators

What a minefield!!! How do Car Value Calculators work???

Valuing a car in today’s market is a difficult task, there are so many factors to be considered and getting it wrong could cost you thousands.

If I wanted to value a car today I would have to make sure I check a number of different factors before I could even attempt to give a car valuation. Giving a car valuation  is one thing, but providing a car valuation that you then may be asked to back up with a firm offer to buy the car is another matter.

There are many websites and providers that will give you a value for your car, but it is relatively easy to value a car if you don’t have to worry about buying the car and then second guess what the market is going to do when you yourself have to sell the car on for profit!

Car Value Calculators

Car Value Calculators

Car values change each month when the new industry guides are released. Normally these are at the end of each month. During the last week of the month you have to consider what may happen to the price of cars in the next guide that is due to be released as any car you buy in the last week would be subject to any reduction in value in the new guide.

The most common guides used in the trade are not Parkers or Whatcar but Glasses’ and CAP (Car Auction Prices). Both these guides follow the market closely and usually set the price for what cars are worth.

I use both these guides to asses a cars true worth within the trade, but they then I also know those cars that are “below book” (meaning they are not worth what the guides say) or those that are “into book” (meaning they are worth more than what the guides say).

Car Value Calculators normally work on just one of the guide prices, perhaps adjust it a bit for the mileage and then give you an approximate figure.

Free Car Valuations Car Value Calculator works in a similar way, but it is monitored to make sure it is as accurate as an automated car value calculator can be.  Anyone saying I want to sell my car after receiving our initial value can then ask us to provide a fixed offer to buy their car. This is done manually based on the extra information we request and taking into consideration the guide prices and current market conditions.

Remember your car is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. Just because you may have seen one advertised at a higher price, it doesn’t mean that car is actually worth that. Many dealers have over aged, over priced stock at the moment that they simply can’t afford to sell for less as it would show as a loss on their books, they’d rather have it showing as a stock value!



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How much is my car worth?

The simple answer could easily be…it depends on who you ask!

The sarcastic answer would be…how long’s a piece of string…..twice the length from it’s middle if you want to get clever!

Getting a true valuation on your car can be very difficult, at the end of the day it is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. It’s all well and good visiting various web sites and getting valuations from them, some will even charge you for this service. But how accurate is that valuation? They may give you a high valuation that makes you feel better but will they put their money where their mouth is and buy your car for what they claim it is worth?

Many sites claim to use industry experts and real time updates on car prices to give you the most accurate valuation for your car….great but anyone could claim this if they weren’t actually offering to buy the car. This may help you in deciding if a car you are buying is good value for money or if you are going to try and sell your car privately what you should ask for it.

If truth be told, the best way to get a value for your car is to either shop around and look at what similar cars are selling for….note this is different to what they may be advertised for. Just because someone is trying to sell a car for £5000 doesn’t mean it is worth that, in the end they may accept a much lower offer just to sell it. A great and probably more accurate option is to ask a trade buyer what they would be prepared to offer for your car.

The majority of trade buyers use the same guide (Glass’) and valuation data (CAP) to value cars, as well as using their experience they know those cars that can fetch “above book” prices and those that are “behind the book”. Factoring in things such as mileage adjustment, service history, colour, interior condition, additional extras and general condition of your car. With a trade buyer you know your valuation has come from someone who is willing to put their money where their mouth is and buy your car quickly and conveniently as many will often come to you to collect your car and not start renegotiating before concluding the sale.

Free Car Valuations is an upfront and honest trade buyer of all vehicles under 6 years old. Simply enter your registration number and mileage on our home page and your trade valuation will instantly appear. Even better fill in a few more details and we will make a genuine offer to buy your car, quickly, securely and hassle free.

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Sell the Car

Sell the Car Quickly, hassle free and risk free to Free Car Valuations. Guaranteed Offers and you are paid before we take your car.

It is still a 10 second process to get your online valuation. If for any reason our system can’t automatically give you a valuation, then complete our contact us enquiry form with your cars details and we’ll be in touch with a trade value for your car.

Once you have your valuation, you can click the sell my car now button and we will be in touch with a guaranteed offer to buy your car. We agree everything over the phone, we don’t add extra costs, or reduce the price when we come to collect your car. Providing you have been honest in the description of your car, the cash will be in your bank account before we take your car away.

It really is as simple as that!!

If the valuation you requested was for a car you were thinking of buying then it is worth purchasing one of our vehicle checks, from only £4.95 the extra peace of mind it provides is worth it to know you ‘re not buying a car that is on the insurance accident register or on the police stolen register.

Free Car Valuations is currently providing over 2000 vehicle valuations a day, if you’re thinking “what is my car worth” or “I want to sell the car” then use of Value my car service and if the figure we provide looks reasonable to you, click the sell my car button and we will be in touch with our guaranteed offer.

You really do have nothing to lose getting a Car Valuation from us!

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